Often asked: Under What Circumstances Are Congressional Elections Most Competitive?

What do congressional elections determine?

Congressional Elections and Midterm Elections Congressional elections determine who represents your state in Congress. They also decide which political party—Democratic or Republican—will hold a majority in each chamber of Congress for the next two years.

How may a congressional candidate qualify for the state ballot choose the best answer quizlet?

How may a congressional candidate qualify for the state ballot? Choose the BEST answer. Gathering enough petition signatures to run autonomously of a party (or by winning the nomination of a party).

Who decides a contested congressional election?

Constitutional basis Article I, Section 5 of the Constitution states: “Each House shall be the Judge of the Elections, Returns and Qualifications of its own Members”. As a result, the House or Senate have final authority to decide a contested election, superseding even a state legislature or court.

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What do most candidates need to win an election?

To win the election, a candidate must receive a majority of electoral votes. In the event no candidate receives a majority, the House of Representatives chooses the president and the Senate chooses the vice president.

What is one reason why incumbents have the advantage in elections quizlet?

The incumbent often has more name recognition because of their previous work in the office they occupy. Incumbents have easier access to campaign finance and government resources that can be indirectly used to boost a campaign. In general, incumbents have structural advantages over challengers during elections.

What are safe seats in a congressional district?

A safe seat is an electoral district (constituency) in a legislative body (e.g. Congress, Parliament, City Council) which is regarded as fully secure, for either a certain political party, or the incumbent representative personally or a combination of both.

Which statement is true about electors and members of Congress quizlet?

Which statement is true about electors and members of Congress? Members of Congress are chosen by voters, but electors are not.

Which of the following statements about the relationship between lobbyists and members of Congress is most accurate quizlet?

Which of the following statements about the relationship between lobbyists and members of Congress is MOST accurate? steering committees. Since membership in the House is capped at 435, redistricting may result in one state losing seats and another gaining them.

What determines the number of electors that each state receives quizlet?

Each State is allocated a number of Electors equal to the number of its U.S. Senators (always 2) plus the number of its U.S. Representatives – which may change each decade according to the size of each State’s population as determined in the Census.

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How many times has Congress chosen the president?

The election of the President goes to the House of Representatives. Each state delegation casts a single vote for one of the top three contenders from the initial election to determine a winner. Only two Presidential elections (1800 and 1824) have been decided in the House.

Has any presidential election been overturned?

The result of the election remains among the most disputed ever, although there is no question that Democrat Samuel J. Tilden of New York outpolled Ohio’s Republican Rutherford B. Hayes in the popular vote, with Tilden winning 4,288,546 votes and Hayes winning 4,034,311.

Why were most of the framers opposed to choosing the president by popular vote quizlet?

Why were most of the framers opposed to choosing a president by popular vote? By Congress? They believed that voters in such a large country couldn’t learn enough about the candidates to make an informed decision. They believed that if it was chosen by Congress it would be, “too much under the legislative thumb.”

What does majority mean in elections?

In parliamentary procedure, the term “majority” simply means “more than half.” As it relates to a vote, a majority vote is more than half of the votes cast. Abstentions or blanks are excluded in calculating a majority vote. In this context, a majority vote is more “yes” votes than “no” votes.

What are the 4 requirements to be president?

To serve as president, one must: be a natural-born U.S. citizen of the United States; be at least 35 years old; be a resident in the United States for at least 14 years.

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What is the minimum number of states that a candidate needs to win in order to win the election?

A candidate must receive at least 26 votes (a majority of the States) to be elected. The Senate elects the Vice President from the 2 Vice Presidential candidates with the most electoral votes.

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